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Digital Crafternoon

Other peoples' motivational quotes don't always fit our lives - and for good reason. We have different values, motives, intentions and desires. And if you're anything like me, visual concepts actually help you get stuff done.

Put it this way, if you could have your own personalised screen-savers, motivational quotes, strategy posters or just to add a digital element to crafternoon what could it mean to how you live and work? What would it mean to get the people around you to understand your visions, plans, and purpose

I was always known as a pocket rocket with endless energy and passion for projects. But planning was my downfall. I found conventional ways of doing it (including most strategic documents, charts etc) about as useful in the execution of projects as a poke in the eye with a stick - painful and generally unhelpful.

It wasn't until I started playing with Canva that I realised the incredible potential that getting visual had for my overall thoughts and motivation. How it helped make communicating about things - like our family values - fun, interesting, and easy to get. From there it has become a huge part of my life - in work and play.

I started talking with someone I consider a mentor - not someone high up the Corporate Ladder - someone who survived cancer, home-schooled at various times her 4 children, and has one of the most awesome attitudes I have come across. She kept mentioning "getting on the same page" and how we need to share the wisdom to do that. And design allows you to do that - literally. So Superhero Me was born.

We will cover a whole lot of life stuff in Superhero Me and do it by making great posters and visual cues for your life and home - you could download these, print them on canvases, and put them around your home, devices, or office to give you the boost you need to move forward. It will run for 8 weeks with content delivered through our online portal and webinars to answer questions and make sure we are on track.

We thought we would cover topics that have been really critical to us, including confidence, boundaries, mindfulness, creating a visual identity ("personal branding" makes us cringe a little, but we get that it's important), a style guide (for your digital life), and some strategies to understand your well-being and get you on the same page as those around you.

The best way to learn is through play so we will have role play and practice sessions to polish up those new skills. We will also cover basic principles around your "concept" - what it is you want to say (whether that is in your personal life or business).

Given that we all have barriers to projecting this awesome version of ourselves Superhero Me will include mental health and well-being sessions covering basic principles of evidence-based strategies. This will mean you can be confident to be or plan the next steps.

In the lead up, we will be checking in to make sure that we are covering the topics of interest that you really want to know about. We're not about to pretend that we know exactly what motivates you and print it on a t-shirt. This is your journey, so let's do it together.

As part of our pilot we are giving away 10 FREE places on Superhero Me so if you want a free place, click this link and include in the Subject "Superhero Me Free" - we would also love to know your why, so feel free to let us know in the Message Section. We will email you and let you know if you have been selected.

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