Digital, Creativity, & Grit.

All of these projects have a common thread. They take creativity, or art, and make it accessible, relateable, and to some extent purposeful. While I believe in art for arts sake I believe that we are all longing for creativity in our lives. And it provides us with solutions to some of our biggest challenges.

Ever missed the fun of dancing or wanted to get more creative with your exercise routine? Cre8dancers exercise to choreography, through an 8 week course and get creative. Our vision and mission is to be a channel and connection for authentic, accessible dance experiences that allows dancers to take their art to a new level: physically, digitally, globally. Find out more here.

Are the challenges of organising projects, teams, students, or family life stretching your creativity? Want to get family and team members on the same page? Want to feel like the super version of you? With clear visuals a lot of challenges become easier to communicate. Our ability to uphold a clear vision is much easier than pushing ourselves to be motivated when we are not sure what we are working towards, or, if we will get there. Superhero Me shares strategies for visuals, as a way to create clarity. This course is perfect for parents or teachers with ASD children or if you want clearer communication at home or in the workplace. The strategies are simple, colourful, and we provide plenty of examples to get you thinking about how this can be applied in your life.

As a Founder of ListenIn Project I am blessed to have an incredible team to work on a ground-breaking project that supports teens with emotional literacy and well-being through music. Watch this space.