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We all have them.


We can overcome them:

Join the Journey.

Katherine Flynn


I get that you want to have an amazing life. And sometimes that's the problem. How do you have an incredible life and keep it real? 



I am not a marketer. I did a Double Major in Psychology through Arts. One of my first jobs was on a National Inquiry into Self-harm. And then I discovered digital. Both of these things changed me forever.

Reading the words of those who were facing their challenges as bravely as they could while they faced the judgement of the world prepared me for a lifelong commitment to understand what it is that troubles us. And how we can move forward. And, what I learned is that it's not about having it all together, but living your truth.

And sometimes that's uncomfortable.

Today, we are so caught up in selfie culture - and it's causing a problem. Now, I can take selfies (evidence above) but what does it mean to be a part of "selfie culture"?  Does it mean that we are forming new social norms? Are these new norms creating happiness or unhappiness?

I want to be present in my life and choose to live in a way that aligns with my values. To me this is not about being the most sustainable super human on the planet; it's about being real with myself and living without regret.

I have made a lot of mistakes. And yet I don't regret them.

I get that you need strategies to not feel like a shit bucket (maybe you have some good ones?). And that you might not feel safe to do or share this in the presence of people who make you feel like a navel-gazing wanker. And I really thought there should be an online personal development course for people who feel kinda the same.

I have adored personal development for years. And have done it in a variety of ways. I got a degree in Psychology, did counselling, went on Professional Development courses with people (who claim not to be your guru - who I also think are awesome), attended coaching camps, and pushed my boundaries.

The reality is that all of these things were valuable. Ultimately, what was most valuable for me, was finding my truths. You see there wasn't one of them - there were many. And I needed the strategies to live them. This took me ages and is a living, breathing, process - but it is a process. And while I am no guru, I want to join with others on their journey and share my processes over years of working in mental health, well-being and personal development.

Join the journey!

Brings a Dieter Rams-esque design sensibility to a product that has changed little in the past 200 years.
— Roland Johnson, The Pixel
Beautiful design aside, the bottom line about the Fulton Cycle is that it’s simply a joy to ride and use.
— Jane White, Bleeding Edge
Mind-blowingly chic. A fashion accessory in addition to a bike.
— Becca Chang, TFN
The Fulton Cycle will spark a revolution and change urban transportation forever
— Amir Hussein, Inwidget
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I believe in life design. And I love tea (which is slightly irrelevant). How can we be real about that? Join the Journey.