I believe in design for life. And I love tea (which is slightly irrelevant). How can we be real about that? Join the Design Life Journey.


I get that you want to have an amazing life.

So how do you have it, and keep it real? 


Seriously, join the Design Life Journey and Community or stay in touch to find out more.

Why is this different? I did a Psychology degree and have worked in mental health for 15 years. I also really love business and design and know it has practical implications for how we feel and act. 

That's why I am creating Design Life Journey, with you - because together I believe we can find out what it is we need to overcome and project a clear vision into the future.

One of my first jobs was as researcher on a National Inquiry into Self-harm. And then I discovered digital. Both of these things changed me forever.

I discovered that being real can be scary. And sometimes that's uncomfortable.

So I took on my journey: I went on Professional Development courses (with people who claim not to be your guru - who I also think are awesome), attended coaching camps, pushed my boundaries, and studied postgrad PR.

One of the most incredible experiences by far was Natalie Sisson's "Freedom Plan". It opened my eyes to how I could take practical steps to work for what I wanted.

For me, I needed to know how my values looked; how I represented them visually. I want to do that with you and together discover Canva, Mailchimp and other tools that can help you visually represent - as well as identifying what is holding you back from projecting that clear image of your future.

All of these things will help form a complete picture of where you want to go.

Join the Design Life Journey & Community!

Katherine has a skill set that means she is uniquely qualified to lead this journey.
— Charmaine DeSouza (Businessmobiles.com)
I have known Katherine for years and value the insight she brings to unique challenges.
— Jeremy Boxer (Curator, Sonar+D)
Mind-blowingly simple. Bringing basic tools for design to life quickly is a gift of Katherine’s.
— Melanie Mitchell (World and National Triathlon Champion)
I have seen the integrity of projects that Katherine dedicates time to. She lives her purpose.
— Lizel Coetzee (Founder, The Lux Group)
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We all have them.


Join The Journey

& Design Life.

Katherine Flynn