I believe in design for life. And I love tea (which is slightly irrelevant). How can we be real about that? 

Can you imagine turning your plans into pictures that motivate and give you clarity? 

Imagine if you did it while working on important stuff like your future, family, and personal values. Could be pretty fun right? If you would love to create your own distinct visual identity, "Join Me" . I'm also pretty passionate about how we manage creativity, mental health, music, and dance. After working as a dancer and in mental health for the last 15 years I have a few ideas that I love to share with peeps who get that creative process is more than a hobby - it's actually the most effective way to communicate and get stuff done. If that kind of thing interests you, get in on "Communikate" - yeah I go by the name of Kate and I totally put my name in that word.